Website and WordPress Security

Protect your Website and Digital Presence

Your audience isn’t safe if you’re hacked or shut down!

Our Website Security Offerings Include

  • Initial Scan and Correction of any errors found within the site
  • Updating of all WP software and plugin versions to be the most up to date
  • 24 Hour / 7 Day Monitoring and Notifications
  • Identifying Plugins and themes that are no longer being updated and find the best substitutes
  • Weekly Reports and Sweeps for New Threats
  • Packages Available: One time, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Emergency Services
  • Website Safety Guaranteed or your Month Fee is Waived (For Subscription Services Only)

WordPress websites make up over 30% of business websites worldwide. As the most popular CMS to build a website on comes the popularity of hackers trying to expose and steal your website information as well as your viewers. With the variety of plugins and WP versions being used daily, one unused and old versioned plugin can open the floodgates, and then you know what happens.

These are all very real, business disrupting issues WP site owners face today. With that, we offer a full range of WordPress security services that ensure that your business or your audience are never at risk.

Have you ever found yourself saying these things out loud or hearing them from a customer?

  • “I was trying to access your site but it is down”
  • “I went to your site and there is a bunch of code and errors taking up half of the screen”
  • “Your site seems to redirect to a hacker website that says you’ve been shut down by the XYZ group”
  • “Your links redirect to other websites”
  • , “Your website is really really slow today, it wasn’t like that yesterday”
  • “You have 1,315 new blog comments all asking you to buy sunglasses and handbags”
  • “You are unable to log in to your WP dashboard to make time crucial changes”

Let us help you design and implement an Employee Cyber Security Plan. Avoid Major Cyber Issues and Educate ALL of Your Employees.