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Do you need Social Media to Boost Business? – Digital Marketing


Sounds like a pretty simple question doesn’t it? So how did you answer? It’s important to know how to answer this question but we like to look at it from a few angles (all based from conversations we’ve had with clients):


1)People who don’t use social media don’t think they need it.

2)People who use social media but don’t think their business needs it

3)People who know they need it but have no clue how to use social media.

4)People who know they need it, use social media, but want to be able to do it on their own


Let’s go through these scenarios one by one:


  • 1) This is an old school thought process. Just because they don’t have their own Facebook or Pinterest account they don’t feel that it’s necessary to grow their business. In part they are not wrong but it’s not for the right reasons. We don’t think every niche market is ripe for a social media explosion. We’ve told numerous clients they don’t need social media (we’re not going to chase a payday). By in large, this group of business owners or decision makers will not be swayed into thinking they need it and that’s where you don’t force something that won’t happen.
  • 2) My first question to a business owner in this category would be, “Do other people in your industry use it?” This will tell me one of a couple things: A) They don’t know and therefore have spent zero time researching this as a viable marketing method B) Your competition is using it, now I want to know why you don’t. Once I get some kind of response that usually fits into these areas I can figure out where to chart my path. If they say A, then I go to social media channels and I find out what it looks like for the competition. This drives some sort of presentation to the owner about what the others are doing and why it needs to be at least a thought in the marketing arena. If they answer B, then the conversation needs to happen in regards to why not. This usually gets answered with some lame excuse about time etc…If you knew it would bring you business, wouldn’t you want to learn SOMETHING about it?
  • 3) Bring in the education model. Start learning. We have provided numerous seminars for clients in how to effectively use their social media. We aren’t even talking about paid ads, we’re talking about free, organic posting that reaches to an audience that is willing to share and spread your content. If you’re willing, then spend the time to learn even from professionals.
  • 4) And Finally, this group of people you can really dive in to advanced social media tactics, guerilla marketing kind of stuff. Let the flood gates open and show them the world of social media and how it can make money for them. Find relevant platforms, figure out how to reach further than just your friends (hashtags for example), and then become someone who uses it to increase business.

Are you not sure if your industry would be a good social media candidate? Then ask us by clicking here! Not every industry needs to have a social media presence and we’re not the company that will force you to do something that doesn’t make sense with your one goal, bring in more business.


To end on a final note….please do NOT pay someone to physically post your social media. How many times have you seen famous people blame tweets or posts on their social media team? Have a team to help craft your strategy (US!) but only YOU should be the one to carry out that message for your audience.

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