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Restaurant Marketing Consultants in Chicago

Owning a Restaurant is hard, we know. We have over 30 years experience in the Restaurant Marketing Industry and we're here to HELP!

There is a reason that people open up businesses in competitive markets, because they feel they can offer a better product or service. How do you deal with your competition? How do you out perform or keep up with the IHOP’s, Chili’s, and McDonald’s of the World?
Start by answering these questions:

  • How is the quality of your food?
  • Do you give customers a better restaurant experience?
  • Can people readily find a menu online?
  • Is your Social Media Strategy Spot on?
  • Are you getting anxiety over what they’re doing to market themselves?

Full Scale Restaurant Marketing Analysis

In order to stay ahead of the competition, you need to know what they’re doing and create a plan to stay way ahead. This can’t be just look in the ads anymore, you need to know what their website is like, are they doing running successful marketing campaigns, how do they rank for organic search engine keywords, and what does their social media profiles look like. All of these factor in to a complete marketing plan that shows how effective they are driving leads and traffic to their business.
This is all business that you could have for yourself.
Our proprietary research methods examine every corner of these important areas of your competitors marketing footprint. Oh, you think you’re off the hook? Not so fast, we do the same thing to your site. How can you know what needs to be better if you don’t know how you stack up.
We provide an in depth analysis with 2-3 of your most important competitors to get you this necessary information because with out it, you DON’T STAND A CHANCE.
Once we pinpoint what needs to change, we consult you on the most important things that you need to have done. Not sure where to start? We can help you change anything about your website, help you start a hugely successful Search Engine Optimization campaign, and consult with you on how to triumph in the social media wars.
Are you in the restaurant industry and looking for marketing? We’re meeting with Restaurant Marketing clients in Austin, Boston, Indianapolis, and Miami to help bring more customers through the door.

We work with You to Create a Solid Restaurant Marketing Strategy!

No matter where you are located, we’re able to stop and help you reach all of your marketing and restaurant goals. We also specialize in product pricing analysis, food purchasing comparisons, and employee time-management.
We work with companies located all around the United States including Chicago, Indianapolis, Phoenix, Boston, Austin, Miami, and more! Start NOW by contacting us so that we can talk about the first steps in growing your restaurant.

Our goal is to increase business through solid Restaurant Marketing so that people pick YOUR restaurant when making that hard decision of "Where do we eat tonight?"

Most Restaurant owners have no idea how many people visit their website or social media, let us help you identify and grow that number.