A lot of conversations over the last six months tend to lead back to digital security for small businesses. Why small businesses? Large businesses tend to be able to support the hiring of in-house IT staff or top tier security firms to monitor their digital properties around the clock. With small businesses allocating funds strategically, this tends to be an area that is lacking. "60% of Small Businesses can be expected to be hacked in a calendar year" What small businesses fail to realize though is that once you're hacked, ... Read More



Attributes Of Good Digital Marketing Consultants

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Digital marketing consultants are all over the place these days, but most people don’t know what to look for in each of them to determine if they’re the right ones for them. Some consultants have different styles, techniques, service fees, speak different languages, and even range in their level of expertise. Most people can talk the talk, but more can’t walk the walk. Digital marketing consultants should be highly qualified enough that they can immediately come into your online business and point out the things that need to be changed ... Read More


Growing Your Business with a Think-Tank Have you ever sat around thinking about how to grow your business, and you say to your self, "I wish I could pull ten people in my industry together and just have an hour call about business and growth for my company?" You Have! You get into business because you're trying to fill some kind of need that you see in the world whether it is a product or service. Once you know that, your plan is to make it as big, successful, and ... Read More


Do you need Social Media to Boost Business? - Digital Marketing   Sounds like a pretty simple question doesn’t it? So how did you answer? It’s important to know how to answer this question but we like to look at it from a few angles (all based from conversations we’ve had with clients):   1)People who don’t use social media don’t think they need it. 2)People who use social media but don’t think their business needs it 3)People who know they need it but have no clue how to use social media. 4)People who know ... Read More
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DIGITAL MARKETING IS CRUCIAL! Yes, I said it, it's crucial. There is too much competition out there now for you NOT to think it is crucial. Pick one industry or type of business and type it in to Google along with the town you're located in and just see what you're up against. Congratulations, you've done some homework on your competition. So now that you know it, what are you going to do about it? Digital marketing is what NEEDS to be done if you truly want to be successful with your ... Read More